Private Park Tours

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

A private, all inclusive park tour with one of our experienced guides

Often described as the highlight of guests visits to not only Kangaroo Island but also their whole trip to Australia. Attracting stars such as Daniel Radcliffe and Chris Hemsworth! This is definitely not one to be missed during your visit to Kangaroo Island.

Highlights in the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park Private Tour

Koala encounter and holding

Marmoset Encounter

Up-close encounter with a Serval

Snake encounter and holding

Meet the Quokkas

Kangaroo feeding

Wallaby feeding

Echidna up-close and feeding (seasonal)

Alligator up-close and feeding (seasonal / day dependent)

Meet and orphan joey (seasonal)

Hospital Visit

Whole Park Tour

$375 Per person over 12

$200 Per person 4-12

*Seasonal activities are weather dependent and may not be included on cooler days. These tours run for a minimum of one and a half hours.

Tours are catered to what you most want to see and every tour is different!

Terms and Conditions

Bookings are essential to avoid clashing tour times. Bookings in advance are preferred but can be made on the morning of the tour if there is staff availability.

Note: Encounters and animal interactions are subject to change with the season and availability on the day. Please inquire for further information at

Park entry is included in the private tour cost. You can also visit the park on the day of your tour during our opening hours of 9.30am-5.00pm before or after your tour.

Please note that Koala holding will not be available during hot summer days and days of extreme weather. If booking during summer, early morning tours are recommended to ensure Koala holding will be able to take place. Our general height and age restrictions is 140cm or over 12 years. Even if the child cannot hold the koala themselves they can still touch and interact with them. These restrictions are at our staffs discretion and can be judged on the day. Due to strict rotation protocol staff cannot guarantee which Koala will be out for any given session. There is a large difference between male and female Koalas and park staff need to be able to determine that the child is confident and willing to hold the Koala for that session of their own accord. The child will not be able to proceed if this cannot be determined.

All encounters are judged at the keepers discretion and may cease at any given time. All participants must follow all instructions given by the keeper and if they fail to do so may be removed from the tour and not issued a refund.

The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park does not take responsibility for any injuries that are received during the tours.

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