Animal Adoptions at the
Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

Adopt an animal

Would you like to adopt your favourite animal? Well now you can!

Adoptions are available for many of the animals here at the park.
Your adoption will help us to provide our animals with their feed, care, husbandry, enrichment and vet care.
Have a look below to see if your favourite animal is available for adoption.
If you don’t see your favourite, be sure to let us know and we can see if it is available for adoption!
Contact us for more information.

Blue the Koala

Bruce the Red Kangaroo

Indi the Wombat

Rocky the Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby

Francis the Frillie

Blue the Penguin

Alfie the Koala

Letty and Toretto

Violet the Kangaroo

Thor the Dingo

Navi the Marmoset

Daisy the Death Adder

The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park and Aquarium is home to some of Australias well-known native animals. View and feed our large range of kangaroos and wallabies; join in at our educational, interactive displays and get up close with our unique animals such as koalas, penguins, echidnas, dingoes, reptiles, eagles, wombats and much more. Make use of our free BBQ facilities and picnic area or grab a coffee, lunch and icecream at our café while you venture around the park. 

So much to see and do in the park

The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park is truly a must do when visiting the gorgeous Kangaroo Island as it offers more experiences than you could imagine. Beautiful, well-taken care of animals that flourish in our park are friendly and true icons of Australia. The park has dozens of species of birds ranging from the large cassowaries and emus right through to local parrots, little penguins and colourful rainbow lorikeets. We have western grey kangaroos, albino kangaroos, agile wallabies, rock wallabies, pademelons, quokkas, red kangaroos and more! Did you know there were so many species of kangaroos and wallabies? There are so many fun experiences to be had. The Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park offers a day full of fun and full of laughs. Also, if you’re after a laugh, be sure to say hello to our laughing kookaburras!

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park Private Tours

If you are wanting a more personal, exclusive experience then consider taking a private tour. These tours offer all the best activities that our wonderful park has to offer, some of which are only available on these tours. Cuddle our koalas, hold our gorgeous wombats, get up close to dingoes and penguins and tonnes more, all during your exclusive personalised experience. The tour takes you through the park letting you get close to so many of our fascinating animals. Make your trip to the park, and Australia, extra special by taking a private tour at the Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park.

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